What is this?Edit

This is a Wikia devoted to archiving information of my fictional Dungeons and Dragons homebrew setting of Vendread!

What is Vendread?Edit

Vendread is a large world in my personal DND universe. It's a setting that is wildly changing everyday and doesn't cease, even when no players are involved! From the vast deserts of Oseran to the crowded streets of Summerslate, Vendread is always full of adventure and places to explore.

Why are updates slow? Edit

We have been playing the game this wiki is based on for nearly 2 years. There are a lot of characters that have been introduced and there have been a lot of things that have happened over its course. It's simply very time consuming to remember and add what has happened in the adventure and what each NPCs story is. Rest assured, I intend to add each and every detail of Vendread I possibly can.

~Zach the DM

Latest activityEdit

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6-29-19 North Ikaria Map
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